Northern NH Nursery

Northern NH Nursery™

Wholesale Only - Licensed New Hampshire Nursery/Plant Dealer #1168

Northern NH Nursery™ is your exclusive grower of:

  • Northern Hardy
  • NH Native Grown
  • Mow No MoreGround Cover for Hills and Slopes
  • Nature's Quick ScreenNatural Privacy Screens and Fences. Fastest Privacy Screen Alive - Grows 8+ feet per year

Natures Quick Screen™ provides fast growing privacy screen, fencing, wind block, sun block, grows 8-10 feet per year. Great for property boundaries between houses for great privacy. Can be used to cool a hot sunny site or provide wind block on the cold North facing side of a property to save on heating costs. You'll see why Its the "Fastest Privacy Screen Alive"™.

Mow No More™ ground cover provides a great ground cover surface for slopes and hills where mowing is difficult or less maintenance is desired. Each plant spreads 10 feet or more and only grows to a foot or so high. once established, maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Northern Hardy™ & NH Native Grown™ are our exclusive completely New Hampshire grown trees, shrubs and plants. That means they are very cold hardy and will tolerate the harsh NH winters and support the local and state economy being 100% raised and grown in NH.
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